Jeff Hardin

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    Business Owner, Patented Inventor, Technology Director, Inventor Rights Advocate


    Why I’d like to serve on PPAC: 

    As a member of PPAC, and consistent with the patent system’s original mission, I will empower and renew what our founding fathers inscribed in the Constitution—securing the exclusive right to Inventors for their discoveries. That brilliant concept that an invention from an ordinary private citizen could be considered her property, and that it could be protected as a right, is what made the United States the leader in innovation and the most prosperous nation on earth. So it is this—putting inventors first and focusing on a strong patent system—is why I’d like serve, and as an American inventor, it is my duty.

    Serving as conciliator and liaison, I will strengthen the relationship between the office and the people, while bringing transparency and a fresh perspective to the committee. Furthermore, my experience in technology and business will prove a unique asset, ensuring that the patent system and its operations remain reliable and competitive for its stakeholders. Finally, my engagement and interpretation of legislative reforms will ensure that policy meets the evolving needs of today’s innovation ecosystem.

    I will proudly serve on PPAC and be the voice for inventors. Doing so will be my highest honor.



    • Pro Se Inventor (2009-current). Eight patents with others pending. 

    • PPAC Contributor (2019-current). Contributions recognized by PPAC and posted on USPTO Public Comments.

    • Inventor Rights Advocate (2019-current). Invited to meet with U.S. House of Representatives IP Subcommittee Chief Counsel to discuss legislative patent reform. Regularly meet with US Congress and advocate for inventor rights.

    • Witness, SUCCESS Act Hearings (2019). Testified at public hearings in Alexandria in USPTO’s SUCCESS Act study. Submitted paper to USPTO outlining specific legislative recommendations to help underrepresented inventors obtain and defend their patents.

    • Established Author, (current). Published articles on renown intellectual property website in support of inventor rights and legislative reform. 

    • Advisor / Consultant, Inventor Rights Coalition (2019). Asked to serve on advisory board, led by former Commissioner of the USPTO.

    • Member, Houston Inventors Association (current). Member and event organizer, moderating panel discussions on patent issues with inventors and patent dignitaries, such as former AIPLA President and US District Judge for the Southern District of Texas.

    • Advisor, Young Inventors Association of America (current). Advise on nonprofit founded in 2002 and Young Inventors Showcase—inventor competition that promotes idea-to-business development for young inventors around the world.


    • Business Owner & VP, Pronet Solutions (2002-current). Co-founded information technology consulting firm, serving businesses in law, finance, oil & gas, title services, and education. Manage data center operations and international sales lead, including business continuity, network engineering, and I.T. security. 

    • Director of Information Technology, CityRise Network & West University/Crosspoint Church (2018-current). Information architect/director, implementing technology solutions for church partners and multiple campuses including I.T. risk management, virtualization platforms, inter-campus infrastructure, and Internet video delivery. Serve on technology advisory committee. 

    • Software Developer, ChamberPlanet (2008-current). Developed secure web-based member management platform for Chambers of Commerce. 

    • Board Member, Jesus and Science Foundation (nonprofit) (2020-current). Serve on board of directors, providing technology oversight to meet core objectives.

    • International Ambassador, Rotary International (2008). Represented Texas District 5830 as ambassador in the Group Study Exchange program to the Dominican Republic. 

    • Education / Certifications:

      • Bachelor of Science, Ouachita Baptist University (2002). Computer Science; double minor: Mathematics & Chemistry.

      • Associate in Applied Science, Tyler Junior College (2001). Computer Networking.

      • Certified Engineer (2002). Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE); Cisco Systems Certified Networking Associate (CCNA).

    I will be your voice, and I will work for you!