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    Dear Voter,

    The PPAC reviews the policies, goals, performance, budget, and user fees of patent operations and advises the USPTO director on these matters. I believe my 40+ years of inventorship practice in industry, encompassing entrepreneurial pioneering startups as well as fortune 500 businesses, as well as academic institutional aspects of commercializing inventions provides me a very unique perspective from the inventor practitioner aspect of Intellectual Property.

    Beyond the commercialization experience I have gained, I have actively participated in the design, creation, acquisition and prosecution – protection of intellectual property in both the marketplace as well as the legal system at both the Federal Courts as well as the ITC. To that extent I have moved beyond the personal practice of design innovation, but to the teaching of design innovation to others, most notably students from many disciplines. I have found that teaching has challenged me to move well beyond my tacit knowledge of design and engineering into new challenges of the critical thinking aspect of creating and communicating and explicit reasoning process for creating and establishing a foundation of robust intellectual property.

    I believe that I am in a unique position based on my experience to provide informed insights to the USPTO from a variety of stakeholder perspectives based on this experience. It should be noted that I am not an attorney, I have practiced design, invention and competitive commercialization in the marketplace for 40+ years. In the last 10 years I have diligently to expand my horizons into the Academic space, teaching not only the design and engineering of new product development, but also the strategy of creating intellectual property to secure the rights guaranteed the inventor in the constitution. A very challenging journey with many twists and turns, I have experience and learned a great, but far too much to share properly here. Although I am not an attorney by training, I am very experienced stakeholder in this area from the practitioner and academic side, because of this I believe I would be able to contribute greatly to the Advisory Committee.

    Finally, my personal philosophy is that design is at the core of human knowledge, basically I believe that it is through design that humans create new knowledge. This designerly approach to creative problem solving is necessary for our collective experiences in humanity. To that extent I have personally focused on how design and create value and competitive advantage to create and sustain new jobs in a society. My personal social philosophy is that fundamentally the best social system is one that provides good jobs for all of society. My experience is that if we want to advance as a society for all members, we need to protect the innovations from the job cannibalizing nature of intellectual property piracy.

    For the above stated reasons, supported by my CV, Biography, Thesis and most of all my Professional Practice, I believe that I am in a very unique position to contribute a unique committee member to the PPAC.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dan Brown


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