Adrian Pelkus

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    Dear Voter,

    Hello and thank you my patent pending friends and fellow patent holding inventors. I am grateful to be considered by the USI to be its nominee to fill one of the upcoming vacancies for the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC).

    My 35 years as a professional inventor has led me to help create over 300 new products and process for people that have hired me and my business to help them realize their ideas as well as developing many of my own medical products that help mankind and devices for the environment are my favorites.

    In doing so I am currently named inventor on 17 issued patents with a few pending. I am proud of my many awards and efforts to assist inventors over the past decades have led me to coaching over 1500 one on one through their journeys. This has given me both the intimate knowledge of going from ideas to revenues, getting startups funded and license deals for royalties all based on US patents - to suffering the consequences the lack of good IP protection brings.

    I have also witnessed the recent changes to our countries patent laws that are making it harder for the American independent inventor to realize the rights to their dreams and profit from the labors of their minds as our forefathers demanded and so wrote in Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution.

    I believe it is imperative the PPAC consist of members that can relate to the needs and the feelings of the individual American inventor (instead of just the major corporate interests) and I would be honored to represent such inventors that make America great.

    Thank you again for considering my request. I pledge to represent the interests of the American independent inventor to my fullest ability if selected. Have an inventive day.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Adrian Pelkus